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At the heart of green building, the idea of
“conservation” and preservation, both of which
come to fruition in Union. Read a little of the
building’s history, and Windmill’s conservation
strategy here:


In environmental circles, preserving a building, is highly regarded as an asset. Simply put, less energy is used, and less waste created, in renovating and repurposing a building than starting from scratch
For those who like their heritage to remain firmly on the outside, the contrast – historic exterior, crisp modern, spacious interiors – may be a lifestyle blessing.

Our Mission

Acknowledged as Canada’s greenest developer, Union Lofts we are committed to the development of partnerships with Green Design at its heart.

The Preserved Features:

  • The scale, form and massing of the original church
  • The red brick cladding, and brick and stone detail
  • The monumental pointed arch window opening on the west façade on Perth Avenue and the pointed-arch window openings on the long south and north elevation
  • The tower on the southwest corner, and all its details
  • The narrow gable roofed wing on the rear (east) wall, the small gable-roofed entrance porch on the north elevation and the multi-sided turret on the northwest corner