How to Tell If Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

In every three to five years, the air duct of your house needs to be cleaned. However, the frequency of the cleaning process can change according to the location of your home. The problem is that most people do not know when their air duct needs cleaning. However, the experts of duct cleaning Toronto have prepared a list of signs which will help you to understand that the duct needs cleaning.duct cleaning in toronto


Do you see a small puff of dust when the HVAC system starts? If yes, then your duct needs a thorough cleaning. Generally, the air ducts do not puff out dust or debris. The air puff that you are seeing might also happen due to the dusty air registers. Clean the ducts immediately and if you face any problem call duct cleaning Toronto for help.


One of the most solid indicators of dust is the clogged disposable air filters. If you change the filters regularly, then the problem of a clogged filter can be averted.


If your home is squeaky clean and still smells, then you can be sure that the air duct is the reason behind that. You can get up near an air vent and take a good breath to check whether the duct is really smelling or not.

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If your air duct is not cleaned for ages, you can actually see the mildews and mold is growing around the outside of your air register. This however proves that your air filter needs major recovery. You need to call duct cleaning Toronto to make the mold completely go away. However, if the mold and mildew are limited to the air duct only, then you can clean yourself by vacuuming, deodorizing, and sanitizing the ducts.

Visible Debris

After taking off the air register, if you can see the dust and debris, then your air duct needs a thorough cleaning. If the debris is left for long then the air ducts can be clogged. In this case, try to clean the debris that you can see yourself. If more debris occurs after cleaning, then you need to call the pros of duct cleaning Toronto.


Air Flow

You know there is some problem if some of your rooms are airy while others feel stuffy. This problem might be due to the specks of dust and debris that has been accumulated in the air duct. It might also be the leaky ducts which are causing the problem.

Health Problems

You need to think whether off lately you are experiencing any respiratory troubles. One of the earliest signs of a dirty air duct is the breathing trouble that you face. Sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and increased asthma troubles are some of the problems that can take place as a result of a dusty air duct.

The impact that a dusty air duct can have on your body is really detrimental. Thus, check the above sign and call duct cleaning Toronto if necessary.