Making your Small Condo spacious

Living in a small living space can be little troublesome or embarrassing sometimes.  Your mood gets spoil seeing your home congested with furniture, which you cannot avoid and other necessary items. Someday you may feel bad about living in a small condo as you do not find enough space for different things that you want to buy and keep in your apartment but are not able to buy because of less space. At that time you desire to have a huge apartment with lot of space. But there is always solution for making your small condo look spacious and beautiful and feel satisfied with what you have.

These days, many latest items have come in the market that can help you keep your home uncongested and large in size. These can fit in your small condo easily leaving it spacious and vast in extent.

If there is not enough space for a big TV or separate televisions for drawing room and bedroom, you can always buy a handy rolling trolley which you can wheel into your drawing room or bedroom any time you want. Also, now days new stylish Murphy beds are available which when not in use, can work as a cabinet for keeping books and other items. These are convenient and good. If you are single and you don’t have a separate bedroom this type of bed can be very useful. You can also opt for beds which act as a sofa or a table during the day time and can be converted into bed at night.

Instead of having a big wardrobe which covers lot of space you can put a long rod and buy chain type hangers which will help you to save the space for  some other useful or necessary thing. Instead you can have a small cupboard with a shoe rack underneath. You can also buy some rolling bins which can be used for keeping magazines and other small items and this can be slided underneath your bed when not in use.

One can also go have kitchen or bathroom doors with storage facilities in their small house to keep little things like washing, cleaning items, mopping items etc.

In your Bathrooms you can use hooks for hanging towels and other clothes and you can go for small handy shower side shelves which helps you leave your bathroom spacious. You can also place these corner shelves in your drawing room for decorating your room where you can keep small flower pots or plants. 

 In the kitchen you can install peg boards to hang your pans, small pots, sieves, serving spoons etc. Also you can keep a rolling pantry for storing spices etc. at the side of your fridge.

So by utilizing some of these latest items which are affordable you can have a small apartment look big and space free. You can also take help of the Condo Essential team who can help you in choosing the right items for your condo.

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