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By the time you step inside union, you’ll notice something different in the air. It’s freshness. It’s breathability. If green living, and healthy environments are a concern, then Union is a place you can live with your environmental conscience intact.
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An urban community where local is honored, a slower pace allowed. Green lauded, and a sense of community enshrined... All in all, a life inspired by a fabulous neighbourhood, and the perfect Union.
Heritage, design and green living come together to create the perfect Union.
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Our intent is to achieve LEED Platinum status. Achieving this goal will make Union the first multi-residential condominium in Toronto to be awarded Platinum status – and will bring you the assurance of living in a home that hasn’t cost the earth.
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It is no question that keeping your house clean, safe, and free of hazardous bacteria. Therefore, investing in reliable air duct companies is highly essential. As a homemaker, the most fundamental and crucial aspect of living a safe life is to get your air ducts cleaned regularly. It is a given that poor air quality can cause serious damage to your loved ones. Hence, cleaning your air ducts is your primary responsibility.

With that said, choosing a genuine and reliable Toronto duct cleaning is quite crucial. There is no point in unnecessary wasting money on a company that does not provide satisfying services. Thus, choosing an authentic Toronto duct cleaning company will benefit you in the long run. Many people prefer trying DIY projects for cleaning air ducts. However, it is best advised to hire a reliable company to avoid potential threats to you and your loved ones. Therefore, we’ve narrowed down a few tips on how you can choose a trustworthy and efficient company for gaining maximal benefit and safety. These points should help you come to a clear understanding as to what components make a company legitimate, effective, and brilliant.

Toronto duct cleaning

  1. Experience-

A company’s overall experience can give you a lot of insights into it. It is obvious than an experienced company can provide you improved and advanced services. Thus, it is best advised to choose a company that has a decent experience. Choosing reputed and leading companies will certainly reassure you of your safety.

  1. Budget-friendly-

Budget is undeniably one of the most crucial factors to consider while hiring a Toronto duct cleaning company. Many companies manipulate you into hiring them by showing low costs and taking much more. Moreover, these companies might now even provide you with the most effective outcome. Thus, consider a company that has moderate economical rates so that you don’t get tricked into wasting your money and time.

  1. Certification-

A certified company can certainly be a boon to you. To avoid falling prey to fraudulent companies, it is best to choose a certified company. NADCA has a lot of mandatory requirements. Thus, a company that fulfills these requirements can provide you with a few of the most brilliant, eco-friendly, customer-friendly, and satisfying experience of hiring a Toronto duct cleaning company.

  1. Duration of duct cleaning-

The overall duration required for cleaning air ducts solely depends on individual air ducts. However, the complete process is mainly about 2.5 hours. The size of the house does not count as the setting up process is the same everywhere. Therefore, do not choose companies that finish the process in less than 90 minutes as they are likely not genuine.

  1. Use of chemicals-

The most primary aspect of air duct cleaning services is to clean and clear the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Many companies make use of chemicals for permanently preventing the growth of pollutants. However, a tremendous amount of chemicals can be harmful. Thus, choose a company that prefers natural and safe methods.

To sum up,

We are a reputed Toronto duct cleaning company and offer a few of the most valuable and efficient services. Thus, we are passionate to bring about the utmost satisfaction and fulfillment to our customers.


With the growing advancements and accessibility of the internet, lots of businesses have opted for the online method of providing services. Nowadays almost everything, from the smallest to the biggest required services, can be found on the web. The unbeatable convenience of being provided with what you need in the comfort of your own house has taken over the traditionally tedious process of circling in the market. Bringing convenience, the growing online lock and key services in Ottawa and many other states, has offered easy locksmith solutions and reliable 24*7 services.

How does it work?

Most of the online business of locksmith services offers not only the convenience of duplicating or creating key when locked lock and key services in Ottawaout, but also provide the customers with top quality locksmith products. When you contact any lock and key services in Ottawa, a professional is generally sent to you and makes a spare key for you quickly and affordably. The key made is tested and made sure that it works smoothly before handing it over, saving you the time and effort of cross-checking and ordering service again in case of trouble. Any issue with the spare key is resolved then and there, making the process less exhausting and much more convenient.

Duplicating a key:

Key cutting is used while making a duplicate key, where a blank key needs to be cut accurately and with precision. It is important to choose reliable professionals for this job as any error can throw all the efforts in vain. The traditional approach of taking a key to the hardware store to get a duplicate one, come back home and in case of trouble again go back to the store and get it redone, the process is much more exhausting than it sounds. To save all these troubles, the online lock and key services in Ottawa, hire a local locksmith that can come to your place and get the job done, saving you from a world of pain. Several keys that can be duplicated easily are:

  • Home and garage keys
  • Office and car keys
  • Master key
  • Mailbox and other transponder keys.

lock and key services in Ottawa

Most of the locks used are the pin and tumbler locks. The series of pins in these locks are set at different depths in order to create a unique pattern. The pins are held by a series of springs, which allows it to move when pressure is applied to them. As soon as you place the key, the applied pressure moves the pins in a sheer line and if all the pins move in the right direction, the key moves smoothly and unlocks the door. It is a complicated process and therefore requires experienced professionals.

Spare key: an absolute necessity

It is always advised to keep a duplicate key for every lock separately, which can help you in case of a lockout. The process is easy and fairly cheap but still, people learn this the hard way and get a duplicate key made only in emergencies. Now, if you haven’t given spare key a thought yet, do it now as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Living in a small living space can be little troublesome or embarrassing sometimes.  Your mood gets spoil seeing your home congested with furniture, which you cannot avoid and other necessary items. Someday you may feel bad about living in a small condo as you do not find enough space for different things that you want to buy and keep in your apartment but are not able to buy because of less space. At that time you desire to have a huge apartment with lot of space. But there is always solution for making your small condo look spacious and beautiful and feel satisfied with what you have.

These days, many latest items have come in the market that can help you keep your home uncongested and large in size. These can fit in your small condo easily leaving it spacious and vast in extent.

If there is not enough space for a big TV or separate televisions for drawing room and bedroom, you can always buy a handy rolling trolley which you can wheel into your drawing room or bedroom any time you want. Also, now days new stylish Murphy beds are available which when not in use, can work as a cabinet for keeping books and other items. These are convenient and good. If you are single and you don’t have a separate bedroom this type of bed can be very useful. You can also opt for beds which act as a sofa or a table during the day time and can be converted into bed at night.

Instead of having a big wardrobe which covers lot of space you can put a long rod and buy chain type hangers which will help you to save the space for  some other useful or necessary thing. Instead you can have a small cupboard with a shoe rack underneath. You can also buy some rolling bins which can be used for keeping magazines and other small items and this can be slided underneath your bed when not in use.

One can also go have kitchen or bathroom doors with storage facilities in their small house to keep little things like washing, cleaning items, mopping items etc.

In your Bathrooms you can use hooks for hanging towels and other clothes and you can go for small handy shower side shelves which helps you leave your bathroom spacious. You can also place these corner shelves in your drawing room for decorating your room where you can keep small flower pots or plants. 

 In the kitchen you can install peg boards to hang your pans, small pots, sieves, serving spoons etc. Also you can keep a rolling pantry for storing spices etc. at the side of your fridge.

So by utilizing some of these latest items which are affordable you can have a small apartment look big and space free. You can also take help of the Condo Essential team who can help you in choosing the right items for your condo.

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